2040 Ink Roller Replacement (See Figure 1)

It is recommended that ink rollers be changed every three months.

Before dismantling the imprinter, please pay close attention to where the parts are located to ensure quick re-assembly.

1. Remove the handle cover by removing the two (2) Phillips head screws on top of the handle.

2. Slide the handle to the middle of the imprinter.

3. Remove the four (4) Phillips head screws located on corners of the aluminum deck.

4. Remove the clear plastic card guide from the aluminum deck (it simply slides off) and the black form guide and spacer from the left side of the aluminum deck.

5. Lift off the aluminum deck and imprinter head handle together from the plastic base.

6. Invert the aluminum deck so that the unit is resting on the imprinter head.

7. Carefully slide the aluminum base from the imprinter head handle. CAUTION: Do this with care in order to avoid displacing internal parts. For placement of internal parts, please refer to Figure 1.

8. Pull up the shaft bearing with the ink roller and slip the ink roller off the end of the shaft.

9. Slip the new ink roller onto the shaft.

10. Reverse steps 1-9 to re-assemble the imprinter. Note: When placing the imprinter head handle, please make sure to align the ink roller with the card guide located on top of the aluminum deck.

Figure 1

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