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Make a lasting impression with a customized Addressograph Bartizan Imprinter One of Addressograph Bartizan’s unique capabilities is in the area of customization. Most of Addressograph Bartizan’s imprinters can be customized with any color or logo. Customization is affordable advertising that contributes to your corporate identity and image.

Addressograph Bartizan standard color for flatbed imprinters is black. We have customized some imprinters using seven colors above and endless customizing possibilities. In addition, logos can be applied to the imprinters in four different ways.

Hot Stamping: used for up to three different colors, for simple logos.

Silk Screening: recommended for applications requiring fine line detail.

Hot Stamp Transfers: provides color-over-color in fine detail, for large quantities.

Labels: can be used in small quantities where lithographic print quality is required.

Many companies use customization to enhance their image at the point of sale. Contact us at 1-800-431-2682 to learn more about how you can get a customized Addressograph Bartizan imprinter working for you. Thank you.


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