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Sales Slips – Truncated

Addressograph Bartizan supplies 2 part and 3 part truncated 51-column (short) sales slips. Cardholder privacy is protected since the customer copy does not display the complete credit card number or the card expiration date. Choose from 2 or 3 part slips
100 slips/pkg

2 part Short Truncated Sales Slips

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3 part Short Truncated Sales Slips

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Ink Rollers

Addressograph Bartizan supplies replacement ink rollers to accommodate our electric 840 imprinter, pump handle model 871 and model 875. To order, choose the appropriate imprinter.

Ink Roller for Electric 840

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Ink Roller for Pump Handle 871

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Head cleaning cards

Head Cleaning Cards

This PreSaturated, disposable cleaning card is designed to safely and effectively remove dirt, oils and other contaminants from all types of card readers and POS terminals.
50 cards per pack

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