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How to request a quote on

Step 1: Select a Product
Select products via search located under the products tab.

Step 2: View Product Details
View product details by clicking on the desired product from the search results page.

Step 3: Add Items
Add items to your cart via the product details page.

Step 4: Confirm Items to be Quoted
Confirm items in your cart and choose “Process Quote”.

Step 5: Modify Quote Information
In order to modify the quantity, new price or markup %, please edit the appropriate fields and click “continue” when finished.

Step 6: Customer Information
To send a copy of the quotation to someone on your behalf fill in the necessary contact information in the “Prepared for” fields, or leave blank to create a quote for your own personal reference.

Step 7: Request Quote
Confirm the information and then click on the submit quote button. Upon submission a copy of the quotation will be electronically sent to you. If you elected to fill out the necessary customer information described in step 6 then your customer will also receive a copy of the quotation, prepared by you, with the new marked up pricing only.

Step 8: Quote History
All past quotes, associated with your account, can be accessed via quote history; view, re-quote or turn previous quotes into an order.


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To place orders by phone:
Call Customer Service at 1-800-552-3282

To place orders by mail:
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Tel: (540) 489-4400
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