Imprinters offer peace of mind for retailers

It seems that every month a new POS application or gadget hits the market. Sometimes we become so focused on technological advancements or the latest development in real time card processing that we forget the basics.

It doesn’t matter how fast a transaction processes or how sleek a terminal is if the cashier can’t get the card to read. It’s not a matter of whether a card will be unreadable, it’s only a matter of when, and it benefits merchants to be prepared.

Cards become unreadable, terminals malfunction and power outages occur. These are all times when a credit card imprinter (often referred to as a “knuckle buster”) can save a merchant time, money and aggravation.

It’s So Low Tech

Next time you think there is no need for a credit card imprinter, pick up your local paper. Natural disasters, power outages, fraud and operator errors are all instances when an imprinter can save merchants money and hours of hassle.

Purchasing an imprinter is an easy decision. For approximately $25 merchants can have an “insurance policy” to respond to many chargebacks. An imprint of the credit card proves the card was present at the time of transaction and verifies the card data. Where else can a merchant get peace of mind for $25?

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