871 Imprint Adjustment

Remove the screw on the top of the cover as shown. Then lilt the back of the cover and tilt it forward. You may have to lift up on the handle to free the cover at the front. After the cover is loose, just slide it forward and let it rest on the handle. Adjust screws in 1/8 turn increments or less and take sample imprints between adjustments. To replace the cover, lift the handle and slide the cover back, allowing it to hook. The cover can tilt back and the screw can be replaced now. Note: When removing cover, the print mask may come unhooked from the imprinter. See below for instructions on replacing the mask.

871_IA1871 Mask Re-installation Instructions

To replace the print mask, hook the two tabs on the end of the mask into the slots on the imprinter, as shown. Now rotate the mask up to the notched shaft. (See diagram) Slip tab on the end of the mask over the notched shaft. The mask can flex to allow it to go over the shaft. See diagrams. Note: Mask needs to be in place to take an imprint.


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